Marianna Nechypor


QArtrock founder

Assuring the Quality of the Software Products for over 13 years, I’ve realized that Quality depends on the right understanding of the meaning of the Quality and deep understanding of the subject.


Quality is expensive because it requires multi side professional vision. The best solution could be made taking into consideration important parameters with the deep understanding of the subject in each area and their dependencies.

Software Quality Assurance is a very wide range area that started with Software Testing, passes through Quality Control, includes Project Management, Product Management, Process Management and People Management as well.


New technologies and new methodologies appear continuously. The market requires the Product that should meet Customer expectations, be Compliant with different specific standards, specific technical knowledge, and so on…


Today, to check the Quality level of one Product requires multi side Testing Approach that consists of different testing types. Quality Attribute lists include over 20 items. I’ve never met application that reaches the 100 scores but I know that it’s possible to match the most important Quality Attributes to become on the Top of Products with the Best Quality.


Observing the fast and variety of technological progress of Quality Assurance I’ve decided to create QArtrock Company to bring Quality to Software Product through multi side professionalism and desire to help IT Companies to produce Software Products with the Best Quality.


QArtrock – the team of strong professionals who provides multi-faceted QA Service.


We know how to reach the Best Quality!


Marianna Nechypor , Founder at QArtrock Company